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Just found a great new product on the web: DimDim a freeware collaboration tool that looks and feels really cool.  There are a number of critical things that DimDim have done to ensure success. The first is to make the product really lightweight, there are no downloaded Java modules, so much easier to make work in a corporate firewalled environment. The second is that it is freeware for normal use where DimDim roll out Beta code and take the RAD approach of failing fast. For critical users there is a stable hosted (either by DimDim or the consumer) environment that uses solid code that has been through the free beta consumer filter. A good and proven model that is win – win. The final winning strategy is that it is open source code.

DimDim certainly have some impressive financial muscle behind them raising risk capital from Nexus India Capital (connected to Red Hat Linux), Index Ventures (invested in Skype and MySQL) and Draper Richards (invested in Hotmail and Skype).

Good luck guys, I hope it works for you.

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  1. Thanks for the shout out Steve! We’re working hard to make Dimdim even easier and more powerful. Hope all your readers try out Dimdim Free today. Looking forward to meeting you at and good luck with the blog award!

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