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A photograph from the BT Rochdale Data Center showing how the transparent curtains are attached to the roof. These curtains are used to separate the Hot Aisle from the Cold Aisle in order to drive up cooling capacity and efficiency. There are a number of articles about using Curtains to drive energy efficiency on The Hot Aisle.

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  1. My suggestion is not to look at industrial product companies but to talk to people who are used to working in data centres. I have used (020 8900 1525) on a couple of jobs with very good results. They offer this system for any racks that you may have but as I had a new install I went with their approved racks. The curtains fit on to their approved racks better then standard racks and they also have vertical barriers for within their cabinets.

    This system pays for it self within a few months for most average size data centres, I read some where that Yahoo estimated that they would save £1million per year if they installed this in one of their data centre (they already have a small install).

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