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I read a cool article about some community action to deliver a green outcome:

Cobweb Solutions, has joined together with 58 customers to produce a total energy saving equivalent to a tonne of carbon, in just one night on 14th August.  The CO2 saving is equivalent to the emissions generated by ten passengers on a return flight from London to Paris.

Cobweb persuaded over 58 customers to turn off approximately 700 PCs as part of their PC Switch Off Evening.  If these companies switch of their PCs every evening from now on, that would produce an annual saving of around  438 tonnes of carbon – equivalent to over 21 full flights making the round trip from London to Paris!

A really well meaning activity but not a sustainable one. A much better approach is to use Nightwatchman from 1E to automatically switch off desktop and laptop computers.

Participating Cobweb customers include J J Browne & Son (Jewellers) Ltd, Whisky Castle Ltd, European Nickel Plc, Rentokil Pest Control, Yellowtail Financial Planning Limited, Max Resourcing Ltd, Thompsons Quantity Surveyors, Tanglewood Clinic and the Down’s Syndrome Association.

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