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Global research firm, Gartner Inc, has reported Cordys, a global leader in next generation Business Process Management, as the fastest growing of the leading BPMS vendors worldwide. According to a recent report issued by the research firm, Cordys grew 98.2% year on year in 2007 based on total software revenue.

The Gartner report states that the overall BPM market grew from $1.229 billion in 2006 to $1.692 billion in 2007. This has resulted in BPMS taking a larger share of the overall Application Infrastructure Market up from 9.8% in 2006 to 11.95% in 2007, an increase of 37.7% year on

According to Jan Baan, Founder, Executive Chairman and CEO of Cordys, globalization is a key market driver, exerting pressure on businesses to stay competitive.

“It’s no longer business as usual, today organizations are continually searching for ways to reduce costs, streamline and automate processes to exploit new opportunities and stay ahead of the pack. The effective implementation of a BPM solution yields a host of business benefits driving down the total cost of ownership and allowing organizations to improve business agility, extending the life cycle of legacy systems to deliver a customer centric business model. We believe Cordys’ rapid expansion and continued growth goes to the heart of this,”

The overall BPMS market growth of 37.7% year on year can be seen as a clear indication that companies across the globe are appreciating the impact BPM can have on achieving lasting business success. The fact that Cordys grew by close to 100%, indicates the industry demand for its focus on delivering to customers the ability to combine efficiency, agility and innovation as part of a company strategy that is focused on customer centric business operations and processes.

“We’re delighted to see that we are reported as the fastest growing BPMS vendor. We consider this affirmation that our solutions are having a significant business impact and that customers are realising the benefits of a strategically sound BPMS implementation. We will continue to evolve our solution to meet growing customer demand,”

The Cordys BPM platform enables organisations to dramatically improve their business agility, enabling rapid changes and allowing them to fundamentally alter the way they innovate their business operations to embrace a true customer-centric philosophy. Customers across the globe are achieving significant business performance improvements including increased productivity, reduced time to market and faster response times to ever-changing market demands.

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