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If that sounds like a description of your heritage then you might be able to help and get an all expenses paid trip out to California as well.

Nick Glasgow is 28 and lives in the San Francisco Bay Area,  he has Leukemia (AML).  He quickly needs a bone marrow transplant from a compatible donor, otherwise he dies.

Here is the problem, bone marrow transplants are a bit more complex than blood transfusions and the doctors told him he has no chance of finding a donor with the right genetic makeup in time. So here is how the Internet can help, The Hot Aisle reaches an awful lot of people, good people who all have friends and family and we can all ask everyone we know two questions?

  • Are you mixed race Asian and Caucasian?
  • Are you willing to take a simple swab test to check if your bone marrow might be compatible?

If you fit the criteria then my friend Steve Duplessie is managing the process of organizing the swab tests and whatever comes out of that. Here is his article:

Please Help.

Click through to get the details.  There but for the grace of God go we.