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My recent article on IBM’s XIV product has created a real torrent of calls and mails from competitors, analysts and others in the industry saying I am completely barking mad and that IBM storage (particularly XIV) is a joke.

It is true that IBM have been really bad at communicating their storage message and even worse at letting us all know what is happening with XIV. It is also true that if IBM have been able to get a tier 1 storage platform built from commodity parts, the competition wouldn’t like it much. There is just too much noise and not enough information so I have decided to cut out the middleman and reach out to my colleagues who buy and use this stuff.  Is it any good? Have you got any? What do you use it for?

Lots of Hot Aisle readers use IBM storage and some will use XIV, of that I am absolutely sure. I am very interested in hearing from any IBM XIV storage user about positive or negative things they want to share totally confidentially. I promise I will never reveal anything identifiable just summarized feedback that is anonymous. This is going to be fun.

You can drop me a mail from the form here or on the Contact item on the page header.