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I have spent most of the day taking calls and answering mails from Hot Aisle readers who have an opinion about XIV. One of the most interesting was from an  IBM insider who tells me that he has a ton of great salespeople, customers who love the product when they buy it but no marketing support from corporate. The press are silent, there are no articles, use cases, or other collateral to take the edge off the industry noise that XIV is a dud.

I said that I would keep my comments general and protect the innocent. Here is my summation of the comments received so far, they fall into the following categories:

  • Negative comments from dodgy email addresses that don’t respond to my follow up questions – 9
  • Comments from inside IBM / XIV – 15
  • Positive comments from genuine corporate email addresses – 36
  • Negative comments from genuine corparate email addresses – 13
  • Negative comments from competitors – 2

Over half the comments are positive regardless of how you measure the results. Looks like there might be something in XIV after all.