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The hypervisor is the new critical area of focus in the cloud. Enterprises cannot afford to adopt a “single hypervisor solution fits all” approach yet they do need to  understand and manage the many problems and issues that this outcome exposes.

Early virtualization adopters will have a large VMware ESX estate largely accomodating the massive unstructured Windows sprawl that most enterprises built in the 90s. As virtualization goes mainstream, enterprises are being faced with the choice of continuing with VMware and managing the incomplete vendor support issues for their email, database and ERP mission critical production systems or adopting Oracle VM and Hyper-v to get the full benefit of properly vendor supported and virtualized application stacks.

It is likely that many enterprises will choose to adopt a multi vendor, multi hypervisor approach to reduce risk and manage these highly complex systems integration issues. In addition, it is likely that the full benefits of the public cloud will not be realized unless integration between hypervisors is supported and simple to manage.

We need a secret sauce, that helps us leverage the benefits of virtualization for our commodity platforms.

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