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Some time ago I wrote an article called How do I know if my Data Center is about to fall over. This has proved to be very popular because it talks about risk, the risk that our investments in highly resilient data centers can be worth nothing if we fail to operate them properly. By installing equipment that causes one of the power streams to move past it’s safe operating levels, I explain how resilience dictates that we need to be certain that each power device must be able to support not just it’s own load but also a failure load from other systems that the device is protecting.

I have just been speaking to Bob Davis CEO of Sentilla about their Energy Manager product. Sentilla have a really neat product that integrates a central analytics engine with interfaces to power systems that offer live, real time utilization feeds plus (and this is the smart stuff) micro-controllers that can be fitted across the data center to monitor the un-monitor-able.

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