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Containerized data center provides flexibility to balance capital expenditures and operating expenses while rapidly meeting needs for incremental, scalable capacity delivering Total Value of Ownership

Verari Systems, a premier developer of data center scale blade-based computing and storage platforms with the highest density, availability, and energy efficiency in the market, today announced that Qualcomm selected Verari’s FOREST Container for its most recent data center expansion. Joining the growing ranks of other major corporations using Verari’s award-winning FOREST Container solution, Qualcomm is benefiting from an increased Total Value of Ownership (TVO) by adding a new 350KW data center in days versus years of planning, permitting and construction.

“When we evaluated the cost efficiencies of operating a container versus a traditional data center, it became a natural step for us to deploy one,” said Brian Baker, vice president of Information Technology, Global Operations and Infrastructure, Qualcomm. “The portability and space savings advantages presented a compelling value proposition. Additionally, Verari’s unique vertical cooling design is significantly more energy efficient than front-to- back cooling, and that was an important consideration for us.”

Verari’s FOREST Containers house the BladeRack® 2 X-Series platforms in an industry standard form factor (40’ x 8.0’ x 9.5’). Up to 2,880 servers or 26 Petabytes of storage capacity can be deployed at about 50% of the capital and operating expense of traditional brick-and-mortar data centers. Energy spending is dramatically reduced by the Verari FOREST Container’s ultra efficient power subsystems and patented Vertical Cooling TechnologyTM, boosting reliability and performance. Verari’s second-generation FOREST Container was recently selected as a winner in the Energy Efficient Products: Facilities category of the 2009 Green Enterprise IT (GEIT) Awards, presented by the Uptime Institute and co-sponsored by the U.S. Department of Energy.

“As energy costs continue to increase and capital spending is scrutinized, we’re seeing accelerated adoption of our FOREST Containers as an alternative to building brick and mortar data centers,” said Dan Gatti, senior vice president of Worldwide Market Operations, Verari Systems. “Qualcomm is taking advantage of the rapid deployment, energy efficiency and cost savings that FOREST portable data centers have to offer. The FOREST Container is ideal for expanding data center capacity when and where it’s needed without over-provisioning. We’ve also eliminated the need for expensive real estate to house a data center installation as well as the permits to build them. So the FOREST Container provides a total value, performance, and ergonomics story.”

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