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At ESG we’ve teamed up with Dell, Microsoft, Symantec, VMware, and Intel on the Virtualization Tour show that’s all over North America (for now)! From September 29th pretty much every day through the end of October, we’ll be in a US city!

The content is excellent – based on some killer ESG research and analysis and the attendee feedback has been great.

Here are some of the issues we address:

  • Why virtualization is more important than ever in helping IT professionals gain approval and funding for a wide range of IT initiatives.
  • What IT managers believe the business is looking for as they approve or reject potential IT initiatives and how it can accelerate or decelerate virtualization deployments.
  • Best practices and customer experiences to help guide attendees through the virtualization lifecycle from server/storage consolidation and systems management, to backup, disaster recovery and cloud computing.
  • How a networked storage infrastructure is an important building block to consider when deploying server virtualization, and the significant impact it has on deployments.
  • And a ton more. ESG presents, hosts a panel of smart folks to discuss and debate real issues from relevant vendor communities, and participates in Q&A – all designed to give IT people more insight into what’s real versus theory, and how to actually execute on this stuff.

You can find a complete list of cities and dates at

Come on down and say hello to the ESG team!