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Next Generation Data have started to fill up their massive 180MVA data centre site at Newport Gwent and are celebrating with a new website.

NGD 1 is offering large scale space only contracts and managed service options for the small to medium business. The massive site has a space allocation of 75,000 SQ metres arranged over three floors, and is therefore one of the biggest and best equipped sites in Europe with an ability to house over 17,000 racks within highly secure environments. NGD Europe 1 has connectivity from a number of the major carriers and will also have the ability to connect diversely to the USA via Trans-Atlantic links.

In addition to technology services NGD Europe 1 also has a sophisticated office space for technical support and administration, with meeting rooms and conference suites all available 24 hours a day.

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  1. I wish these mega sites well, does anybody know of a tier 3 data centre in the Bristol (England) area that can take 15 -25 Racks not high power consumption?
    Please let me know

  2. David

    Try BT they have a data centre in Bristol itself.


  3. Hi Steve,
    Do you have a contact there as my account manager cannot find the correct person at the moment?
    I have been asked to find a Co-Location Data Centre in the Bristol Area, in the UK, this would be to host 15 Racks of servers, in a caged area requiring 150Kw with a possibility of growing a further 15Kw. Do you have any contacts who could provide a quotation please.”

    Best regards

  4. Hi David
    It would be worthwhile making contact with Michael Boswood – BT Locate – Data Centre Sales Specialist (
    BT Data Centre Specialist M&E Consultant

  5. Thank you for the information.

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