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Greenwash or Greenbacks? – an eWEEK Europe Webinar

What is the real motivation behind the Green Data Centre movement?  Saving the planet…  or saving money? …or keeping one step ahead of possible regulations, and saving yourself from a world of legal trouble?

Readers of the Hot Aisle will already know that moves to more efficient data centres are driven by a mixture of all three factors

But as greener data centre services become a commercial option, and users start to choose a path towards lower energy, how do the ideals match up with commercial realities?

Next Monday, in Wiltshire, a shared green data centre is being switched on which ultimately plans to use a former stone mine to match the record efficiency for data centres. What’s happened to make this a viable business? And how will green data centres shape up in future?

This Thursday 19 November at 1200 GMT (0700 EST), join the Hot Aisle’s Steve O’Donnell, along with speakers from Ark Continuity and IBM, in an audio webcast panel session chaired by eWEEK UK editor Peter Judge. Plug in your speakers or headsets and get ready to participate and ask questions.

The session is part of a day’s Summit on green data centres, which also includes presentations on legal issues, storage, virtualisation, measurements, cooling and power consumption.

This panel will give you a chance to ask questions about the present and future of green data centres, and to vote on key issues, We think this is the the key issue in today’s IT, and we’d like to hear your thoughts on the subject.

Here is a URL for a recording of the event: Green Wash or Green Backs