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Sometimes it is a single gradual and insidious technology that creeps up on us, more often it is the intersection of multiple innovations that (unnoticed) creates a tipping point and then everything is changed. The data center will never be the same again.

Here are the colliding technologies that come together and change everything forever:

  1. Mass adoption of cloud computing in the mid-market, particularly SaaS (Software as a Service) and the maturity of Managed Services
  2. Public cloud service based offers made by consumer scale organizations such as Amazon and Google that are underpinning the SaaS revolution and mass customization of low-cost compute and storage platforms
  3. The rapid adoption of solid state storage in both the retail (iPhone etc..) and data center segments that has driven volumes up and prices down at an insane rate
  4. The migration of value from hardware to software as hardware differentiation vanishes, submerged by low margin commodity components manufactured at consumer scale
  5. The development of the software defined data center that leverages commodity (white box) technology delivered by consumer scale manufacturers and managed by smart software
  6. The maturity of mobility with GSM and WiFi connectivity being ubiquitous on a global scale
  7. The consumerization of end-user devices that has driven the bring your own device (BYOD) movement in the workplace
  8. The mass adoption of Social Media that has changed the flow of business to consumer conversations from broadcast to peer, one to one relationships that foster community and engagement
  9. The development of smart analytics that can mine global scale big data sets and derive valuable information and insights
  10. The development of large-scale software defined platforms such as Hadoop and Cassandra, that can support storage and manipulation of global scale big data and data streams to enable analysis in real-time

The implications of these changes are enormous in magnitude for everyone. They impact:

  • Business who adapt or fail
  • IT vendors whose legacy business models and revenue streams are drying up
  • Governments who are being disintermediated by the connected citizen who has established a global social footprint
  • Citizens and consumers who are surrendering individuality and privacy to become part of this new global village
  • Global enterprises who are harried by small and medium businesses who can mass customize services and products with a minimal cost base

We live in interesting times.


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