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I received a very interesting press release from IBM about a new PureSystems installation in South America that is worthy of comment because it emphasises one of the key value propositions of converged platforms, agility. Converged, integrated systems can be configured and delivered extremely quickly and in point of fact the IBM platform is particularly suited for rapid deployments because of the integrated Patterns that enable scripted, automated installations of common applications and systems.

This integrated and orchestrated approach has a major positive impact not just in standing up new platforms, but in operational maintenance, business continuity and release management.  Breaking down the barriers between network, storage and servers and adding orchestration leads to fewer administrators, fewer errors and faster turnaround of completed platforms.

PureSystems offers pretty much the same advantages that one can get from the public cloud but with the advantage of keeping the security and management in-house.

Here is the main body of the press release:

The University of Concepcion in Santiago, Chile has installed IBM PureSystems to modernise its IT infrastructure and increase the availability and storage of its e-mail accounts for students and teachers. The new systems will also expand the university’s storage capacity and processing ability, helping to deliver a stable, secure and fast platform for all its websites.

The modernization was a joint project between the Information Technology Department (DTI) of the University of Concepción and IBM Business Partner CRECIC. The new system will run all the services and web domains of the university, enabling the development of future applications and also allowing teachers and students to have six times more computing capacity and four times more digital storage then they currently have.

PureSystems will allow the university to standardize onto a single system all of the different technologies that the school was running, helping to ensure future growth and a level of consistent and reliable response.

“This is the largest IT investment made by the University in the last 10 years,” said Sergio Lavanchy, principal of the University of Concepción. “The investment puts us at the forefront in the field of education, since we are the first higher education institution in the country to opt for a solution of this kind.”

IBM PureSystems integrates onto one platform servers, storage, switches and management software. [2] This integration of systems allowed the university to complete installation, platform migration and implementation of the solution in less than 20 days.


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