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Advertising and Editorial Policy on The Hot Aisle

The Hot Aisle never accepts paid for advertising nor writes blog content for gain.

Articles on The Hot Aisle are written because I, personally find them interesting, educational or controvertial and I think you might feel the same. As an industry insider, I work with many vendors and often get to hear about stuff early, in which case (unless bound by an NDA) I tend to write up what I am working on if it passes the test of being interesting, educational or contravertial. Sometimes I get well written press releases that I want to tell you about (rare indeed) and I add the text of the press release to the end of my analysis because it adds some value of itself

Occasionally I will post adverts or press releases for not for profit organizations or events. Please drop me an email at if you have something that you need to reach out to our readers with.

Here is some information about The Hot Aisle reach:

The Hot Aisle is widely recognized as the Data Center industry’s most influential Data Center Operations blog, tracking news, offering independent advice and delivering informed opinion. The Hot Aisle is authored by Steve O’Donnell, a Data Centre CEO and one of the best known and well connected IT industry executives in Europe.

The Hot Aisle is even referenced as an authoritative source of Green IT advice by the UK Government.

Launched in April 2008, The Hot Aisle has developed strong appeal extremely quickly, attracting regular readers amongst CIOs, CTOs, data center industry analysts, data center operators, equipment manufacturers, investors and entrepreneurs as well as data center specialists. In addition, the site is monitored and referenced by mainstream media and other influential bloggers.

The site has both RSS and Twitter feeds for both the articles and comments and is fully available on the web, as a result, it is republished and streamed by hundreds of other websites and data center related services, including a huge number of company intranets. An accurate reader statistic is extremely difficult to reach — to calculate the The Hot Aisle audience we use a multiple of our unique hosts count and as a result we estimate our current audience to be in excess of 100,000 visitors per month.