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I received a very interesting press release from IBM about a new PureSystems installation in South America that is worthy of comment because it emphasises one of the key value propositions of converged platforms, agility. Converged, integrated systems can be configured and delivered extremely quickly and in point of fact the IBM platform is particularly […]

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My friend and colleague Steve Duplessie over at Steve’s IT Rants just recently wrote about Enterprise customers consolidating vendors.  At ESG we have been conducting a Spending Intentions Survey for years and one of the recent outputs is that 34% of enterprise IT operations have a stated corporate objective to “reduce the number of vendors we […]

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Fellow blogger Steve Duplessie at Steve’s IT Rants has picked up on the fact that Diane Green has left VMWare after a bad set of financial results. Steve writes a good article and it’s worth a read. Diane is a victim of heroism via unexpected consequences. Pretty much single handed VMWare has raised the CPE – Compute […]

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