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In an attempt to reduce cost or improve performance at scale, some organizations are introducing low functionality, shared or cloned desktop operating systems within their virtual desktop environment. This article sets out to show that this approach is flawed, is simultaneously limiting and unnecessary and that it increases operational risk and reduces agility. New developments […]

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  Every year I spend time thinking about what changes we will see in technology during the next year. It’s always a tough call as most changes only gain a foothold slowly and gradually over time. They creep upon us so that they become the new normal, stuff that we can’t imagine not having or […]

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The demand for thin-client (VDI) deployments is increasing driven by a combination of Bring Your Own Computer (BYOC), Security concerns and the scheduled release of Windows 8. This is not a new business requirement, it’s been around for a while, only held back by the twin problems of achieving a sensible ROI and getting VDI […]

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