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I’ve been working on an idea with my old colleague Harqs Singh (@harqs) who is Head of Data Center Strategy at BT and a big cheese at The Green Grid.  Well actually.. Harqs told me about the idea and I liked it so much I suggested we try and fill the gap for a Data Center Maturity Model and launch it on The Hot Aisle.  Here is a picture of the model:


I am really keen to get some feedback on the idea and some of the items we have placed at each level.

  • Nik Simpson

    I think the interesting question is where/whether moving to DC makes sense. For example, I could easily see moving to 415V AC distribution in level 2 or level 3, which raises two questions:

    1. Is the efficiency gains from using DC going to be worth the trouble if you have a well designed/implemented 415V AC distribution.

    2. Does it makes sense to live with inefficient AC distribution until you get to level 4 if your long term plan is go DC.

    I think it's also worth considering some of the issues such as UPS efficiency, type, and location somewhere in this discusion

  • thehotaisle


    I think these are good comments and worthy of further discussion. I will drop you an email (if I may) and schedule a call to try and position this properly.

    You might know that I am a bit of a DC bigot having worked in two telcos. DC just seems to be right (fewer conversions) and my experience is if it feels right it probably is and you are kidding yourself if you think otherwise. Validus have a really good DC proposition (written about in a prior article) as have BT themselves as part of the 21st Century Data Center.



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  • davidirwc

    1) Could you clarify the free cooling on Level 3 and the fresh air on Level 4
    2) When you do an overall 1st cost and 10 year OPEX analysis with DC changes , the overall picture does not change at all in the picture, the reduction obtain from DC are very low compared to what else you have to deal with to get there. The AC vs DC is not that big, however if Level 4 would state server power supply efficiency/loading, I think that is more significant than the placing DC on the level 4 bullets

  • vernon

    I would love to help , but the slide quality is so poor (blurry) that I cannot read it

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