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Next week I am in Marthas Vineyard visiting with my friend, colleague and fellow blogger Steve Duplessie of Enterprise Strategy Group.

For a few weeks Steve has been telling me about an Enterprise Windows Data Migration tool called AutoMove from AutoVirt. So I have been looking at the details it is pretty good.

I have done a lot of Data Migration, starting with migrating all of the data between Coopers & Lybrand and Price Waterhouse way back when they decided to become PwC. There was a hell of a lot of data and it was a real pain to migrate, because there were lots of locations, poor network bandwidth and data that kept changing.

Well a colleague of mine, Miles Forest, built a home grown data migration engine based on Robocopy and we took the best part of a year to migrate site by site to support the merger. It worked and it worked well but it was hard work and needed a lot of manual intervention.

Here is what AutoMove gets you:

  • Online (if you have the bandwidth) and out of band (tape, CD) if you don’t
  • The ability to transparently redirect clients after the data is moved completely
  • Keeps all of the ACLs on Windows files to maintain security attribute over the migration
  • Automated, so you can set it up to run overnight or at weekends when the corporate network is less busy
  • Policy based so you can have AutoMove tell you if it is going to use the network or Fedex for a load of DVD images

The AutoVirt marketing guys have added some value to the website but those five bullet points above tell you all you need to know.

I am very keen to share positive or negative experiences with Steve so that he can feed these back to AutoVirt and they can make AutoMove better and more aligned to real data migration needs. Post some comments and let me know what you think.

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